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Corporate Airport Shared Ride Service

Professional Limousine shared ride service is designed for the business traveler in central Massachusetts who must use a shared travel service or shuttle due to changes in the travel budget.  We have taken information from travelers who have had to use a shuttle service in an effort to improve upon it.  While looking for a safe and dependable vehicle to use we found the Honda Odyssey was the best choice for safety, reliability and comfort for our passengers.  Just as in our black car service, we will provide updated magazines and complimentary bottled water.  This service is designed with the business traveler in mind.

There will be no more than two additional pick-ups or drop off after the first one is made.  Pick up will be made promptly and we would expect our clients to be ready as to NOT interfere with other clients travel.  We will email receipts after service has been provided.  Billing for large companies can be arranged.  As we receive feedback from our drivers and travelers we will make any changes needed to provide the best service possible.  We welcome all comments from our clients.

As the shared ride service in Worcester grows we will officer a frequent traveler program.  Also, check our monthly coupons for additional discounts.

Let our experienced chauffeurs relieve your of the burden of uncomfortable shuttle services and overcrowded carpool scenarios.  Our airport services, shared or private allow you to ride to and from the airport in comfort and ease.

Our goal is to make our shared ride service in Worcester as successful as our black car and limousine service has been since 1947.  As always we thank you for choosing Professional limousine for your transportation needs.